10 Things Apple Needs To Fix In iOS 10

With the release of iOS 10 scheduled alongside the new iPhone 7  I am hoping Apple has addressed these frustrating glitches.


No function to turn off mobile data from control centre

On Android you can turn mobile data off and on with their version of control center by flicking down to reveal the key settings menu (flick up in iOS). Android has far more settings in this menu and iOS definitely needs a control centre  overhaul.

iOS - No Quick Data Off Button


Android - Has a quick data off button

Samsung content


 Add a top row of numbers on the keyboard

This is super annoying. Having to hit “123” every time I need to type a number is frustrating, at least add a setting to add numbers to the top line on the keyboard like Android does.

iOS - No Numbers

mobile message

Android - Has numbers

mobile keyboard


Mobile Data Music Glitch

If you run out of data but leave data on Music will try and log into music and cause a glitch where you cannot access your own music on the iPhone without first being sent to the Apple streaming section, the workaround is to turn mobile data off or turn on flight mode so it doesn’t try and access the streaming store.


No back button.

Having to find the back button in every app is super frustrating, some apps its top left, some bottom left, some even top right. Samsungs capacitative light buttons solve this issue and makes the user experience much easier.

Samsung buttons


No close all apps setting

There is no function to close all the apps at once, you must manually swipe up on every open app. On a Samsung there is a close all apps settings when open apps are highlighted. This really needs to be addressed as mobile data and processing power is used for apps running in the background.

iOS - No close all apps buttons (Booo!)

Iphone Tabs

Android - Close all apps button (Wooo!)

Mobile phone Tabs


Touch ID (home) button is coded to the logicboard.

The fingerprint button is directly linked to the logic board, meaning if the button gets damaged, overused or becomes faulty outside of the warranty period it cannot be replaced to use Touch ID again (although the click function will work). On a Samsung this is not the case as the software that regulates the fingerprint is not paired to the button, you can replace it and continue to use the fingerprint sensor.



I am mentioning this as Huawei recently updated their camera software that substantially improved the quality of low light and moving images. Apple must deliver serious improvement in both its imaging software and an upgraded lens for its iPhone 7. But could they release a patch to improve the imaging on iPhone 6 & 6s models?

Below is an iPhone 6 vs Samsung S6 image taken of our store on stock settings.




Only 5GB Free for iCloud Drive

The free iCloud account is 5gb. The free Google Drive account is 15GB. Enough Said.



Closed OS

iOS has always been a closed system, which means a lack customisation and the inability to download third party apps that Apple has not approved (i.e. torrents clients)


Continually being asked to sign into music, iCloud & the app store.

PLEASE JUST STOP. I have specifically declined to sign up to Apple Music for constantly being hounded to sign in. (even though its free for 3 months).

Open Music - Decline Login

Itunes store password

10 Secs Later, DECLINE !!!

Itunes store password

10 More Secs - JUST F#$K OFF !

Itunes store

I am not a die hard user, I use the generic iPhone ringtone and less than 20 apps. There may be workarounds for these issues, like jailbreaks, tweaks or solutions embedded deep in settings which I am unaware of. If you are aware of any workarounds for these issues then feel free to leave them in the comments.