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Mac Repair Turnaround

Times are subject to a booking, walk-in repairs are done on a best efforts basis. iMac repairs can take 1-2 days.

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Macbook Screen Repair
OS Service / Reinstall
MacBook Pro Trackpad Replacement
MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement
SSD Replacement
Custom Repair


MacBook Pro Trackpad replacement
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MacBook Retina & iMac SSD replacement
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MacBook Retina Screens Replaced in 2 Hours
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MacBook Pro & Air Keyboard repair.
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We carry new & original replacement parts in store for the following Apple laptops:

  • MacBook Air 13″ & 11″
  • MacBook Pro Retina 13″ & 15″
  • MacBook 11″
  • MacBook Pro 2009 – 2012
  • iMac 2009 – 2016

Repairs are generally completed in 3-4 hours at our store in Parnell for the following issues (excl iMac)

  • Smashed or faulty LCD screens
  • Missing keys, faulty keyboard & backlight issues
  • Faulty trackpad
  • OSX, RAM & SSD
  • Data recovery

Quality Service

Smashed IT prides itself on the highest standard of workmanship and quality control.

3 of our Apple repair standards:

Free Fan & Logicboard Service

All MacBook repairs receive a free fan and logic board service to remove Dust and grime which accumulates inside the MacBook and can cause a fatal short-circuit. See before and after Photos here.

 Keyboard Replacements w/ Backlight

We not only replace the keyboard but also the backlight. The old one is usually full of dust and grime and can damage the diffuser sheet meaning reusing it will cause asymmetrical brightness.

Full LCD Assembly Replacement

There are 2 ways to repair a screen on a MacBook Pro Retina.

Just the LCD: This exposes the backlight to heat and causes bleeding or a wavy appearance as well as dust accumulation. There are also fragility issues (easier to re-crack again) with re-bonding a new LCD to the old frame. In our opinion (after many attempts) this method produces a low quality outcome. We do not use this method.

Replacing the full screen: This method, although more expensive, uses the full screen (LCD, aluminium frame, hinges & camera). This is a factory replacement and experiences no issues. We only use this method.

Apple OS Sierra Support

OS Desktop

We are now installing OS Sierra on compatible Mac computers. Sierra is compatible with backdated models to about 2009 – 2010. For a full list of compatible Macs click the link. For older models El Capitan can still be reinstalled..

If your hard drive has failed we can configure it as a portable USB back up and install the OSX on the new solid state drive so there is no data loss with the switch over.

Software tweaks include macbook fan optimisation (stops overheating), iTunes & iPhoto duplicate file removal, full application removal & security updates.