MacBook Repair

Repairs, service & upgrades for Apple MacBook & iMac computers in Auckland.

Original Parts
4 month warranty
Free Board Service
22 Point QC Report

Repair Turnaround

Times are subject to a booking, walk-in repairs are done on a best efforts basis. iMac repairs can take 1-2 days.

0 ......... | ........ 1 hour ......... | ........ 4 hours ......... | ........ 2 days ........ | ........ 4 days ......|
Macbook Screen Repair
OS Service / Reinstall
MacBook Pro Trackpad Replacement
SSD Replacement
MacBook Pro Retina Keyboard Replacement
Water Damage / Micro Soldering / Custom Repair

Quality Service

Smashed IT prides itself on the highest standard of workmanship and quality control, 4 of our Apple repair standards:

Keyboard Replacements w/ Backlight

We not only replace the keyboard but also the backlight. The old one is usually full of dust and grime and can damage the diffuser sheet meaning reusing it will cause asymmetrical brightness.

Full Screen Assembly Replacement 

We replace the full LCD screen assembly (aluminium top case, screen, camera & hinges) on all Mac screen repairs as replacing only the LCD causes bleeding, a wavy appearance, dust accumulation between the LCD & backlight & fragility issues (easier to re-crack again).


Free Fan & Logicboard Service

All MacBook repairs receive a free fan and logic board service to remove Dust and grime which accumulates inside the MacBook and can cause a fatal short-circuit. See before and after Photos here.

Anti Bacterial Clean

Every Mac repair is given a full screen, keyboard & track pad anti-bacterial clean to remove bacteria / germs, dust, food lodged in the keyboard & smears on the LCD. Your Mac will come back looking & smelling like new.

We stock parts so we can complete Mac repairs in under 2 hours.

Repairs are generally completed in 1-3 hours for smashed or faulty LCD screens, faulty keyboards, backlight or trackpads as well as all OSX, RAM, SSD & Data recovery issues.

Apple Service FAQ

  • We strive to deliver four key fundamentals:

    1. The use of the highest quality original Apple parts
    2. Transparent pricing & part quality information
    3. Quality workmanship
    4. An express service  (see section below)

    Investing in quality control, communication and technical research gives us confidence that we are offering the best possible service.

  • All Apple Mac repairs are backed by a 4 month return to base warranty. SSD, RAM & hard drive repairs are covered for up to 5 years.

    Generally any issue is fixed on the spot.

  • Most Mac repairs we offer are done in 1-4 hours, however we do recommend booking a repair to ensure we have the part in stock, we are not backlogged and the repair can be completed in that time frame.

  • We only procure original Apple Mac parts, most are disassembled from brand new Macs and parallel imported, which is why we can offer the same quality service at a cheaper price.

  • 99% no, however some repairs require an OSX reinstall but we will advise if this is required before going ahead. We always recommend a full backup prior to any service.


Liquid Damage, Data Recovery & Board Damage

Even if your MacBook has zero signs of life our micro soldering engineer can work his magic and generally repair the device to a fully functioning condition.

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