Terms & Conditions

Repairs Warranty:

Repairs are guaranteed for 4 months for original part repairs.

Repairs are guaranteed for 2 months for aftermarket part repairs.

We do not warranty issues on a device outside of the scope of the initial repair.

Multiple warranty claims for the same issue will be defined as user error, however we will access and may fix the issue at our discretion.

All warranty claims must be brought back to us or posted in for assessment and presented with the receipt.

Phone Sales:

All phones are provided with a 3 month warranty. 

To claim a warranty the phone must be sent back to us or dropped into our store for assessment. It is the buyers responsibility to cover transport costs (if any).

Warranties are voided if the phone is damaged physically or exposed to liquid.

We do not issue returns or refunds. Please consider your purchase prior to payment.

Accessories Sales:

All accessories are provided with a 30 day warranty.

Repair Liability:

We do not take liability for a device’s function if it is presented to us turned off or non functional. We do take liability for working functions on a device that can be tested at the time of acceptance.

We do not take responsibility for cases or screen guards. Please do not give them to us.

Although we take every precaution to keep data, we request that all customers back up their data before having the device repaired. We take no liability for data loss.

We do not warranty liquid damage or Level 5 repairs. These repairs are undertaken on a best efforts retained basis where the main purpose is to retrieve data.

Any visible damage outside of wear and tear on a device, which was not present at the time of repair, will void the warranty. This includes any cracks on the glass or LCD.

Upon acceptance of a device, full liability is assumed to the value of a similar condition & age identical item.

Devices submitted for repair that are not paid for within 30 days will be disposed of or sold to cover our costs.

Devices supplied with a passcode lock are unable to be completely tested before and after a repair. In this case we will only guarantee the functions, which can be tested.

When you retain our services you agree that the work will void the manufactures warranty. In most cases your warranty will already be void once the device is damaged.

Software reinstalls are billed as retained labour, are non-refundable and without warranty due to the fact we do not own the software.

Part Quality:

Some manufacturers will not sell us replacement parts in NZ, to offer the highest quality parts we must procure these parts via parallel channels, this may include parts stripped from new devices (original new) or original materials sourced from the manufactures and then assembled by a third party (OEM).

Parts Sales:

We strongly recommend a registered phone or computer technician completes the installation of parts. No liability or warranty is implied if parts are installed DIY or by an unqualified technician. 

We have a no refund buyer remorse or mistake policy; in certain circumstances we may waive this. We have to take a hard line on returns due to the extremely delicate nature of electronic parts.


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Sales (all):

We have a no returns or refunds policy. Please consider your purchase prior to payment. We do offer a store credit.